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10 Facts You Should Know About Choosing Motor Fuels in Jersey

  1. Other suppliers in Jersey provide traditional, non-renewable motor fuels.
  2. ATF is the only fuel distributor in Jersey which supplies renewable road fuel which complies with UK legislation that requires petrol and diesel to have a bio-fuel (ethanol) content of at least 5% and 7% respectively.
  3. Only petrol and diesel with this level of biofuel content or greater can be sold in the UK.
  4. ATF supplies petrol (E5) with a 5% ethanol content and diesel (B7) with a 7% bio content.
  5. Modern vehicles are designed, certified and optimised to use these blended biofuels.
  6. In fact, every car since 2011 has been fully warranted to use these fuels in order to deliver low emissions and the fuel consumption and performance motorists expect.
  7. Older vehicles that aren’t warranted can still use this grade of fuel.
  8. Biofuel is a low carbon sustainable fuel, reducing carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels by 61%.
  9. ATF have two forecourts located at Augres and Maufant, providing the same high-quality fuel, at the same low prices.
  10. By choosing to fill up at ATF you will reduce your impact on the environment and have more money to spend in 2019.

Until then, ATF would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and loyalty. We look forward to welcoming you at our new forecourt.

The prices at ATF Forecourt from 5th November 2019 are:-

Petrol: 112.9  ppl

Diesel: 114.9 ppl

ATF Advanced: 130.9 ppl

We also offer Gas Oil (Red Diesel) at our Maufant Forecourt

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Augres Forecourt

ATF Forecourt, La Route de la Trinite, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5JN

Monday – Saturday: 7am – 8pm, Sunday: 8am – 5pm


Maufant Forecourt

ATF Forecourt, Maufant, La Grande Route de Saint Martin, Jersey

Monday – Saturday: 7am – 8pm, Sunday: 8am – 5pm


Call us

01534 880738

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

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How do I cancel an account held elsewhere?

Depending on what type of customer you are, we have produced an easy-step guide to help you close down an existing account with your current supplier, should you wish to move to ATF Fuels. It’s easy as 1,2,3…!

‘Spot Customers’

If you order your fuel and pay for it when you receive your invoice – the process couldn’t be simpler. Just pick up the phone to ATF Fuels and we will be happy to arrange a delivery to you.

‘Top-up Customers’

Simply contact your existing supplier with your account number and/or details and cancel your current top-up service. If you can establish your previous delivery history, that would help us set up a new top-up service from ourselves – but don’t worry, if not, we will check your tank to begin with, and keep you topped up until we gain a better understanding of your delivery requirements!

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